Product Development & Launch Strategies

Strategically launch and grow market share by utilizing an authentic industry perspective.

Successful market expansion of a new product, device, or service requires in-depth knowledge of your target customer, and identifying the objections they will have before a launch and knowing how to overcome them.

With my unique perspective of having been that customer, I expedite your sales and marketing efforts by helping you craft effective messages and pricing strategies that will resonate with your targets.

As a practicing optometrist, I performed …

20+ clinical studies for contact lens manufacturers. Trained manufacturer sales teams on how to sell to optometrists. One of the first ODs in the country to integrate EHR and patient engagement software. First to adopt corneal topography, OCT, and OptoMap, in market areas I served.

Additionally, through my active role in professional optometry groups, my services are available to facilitate your test marketing needs.