Dry Eye Syndrome

Symptoms of keratoconjuctivitis sicca, more commonly known as Dry Eye Syndrome, are persistent dryness, scratching, and burning in your eyes.  Sometimes watery eyes can result, because the excessive dryness works to over stimulate tear production similar to dust or dirt in your eye.

Dry Eye Syndrome can occur from one of several causes, including hormonal fluctuations (ex. menopause), medication side affects, long-term contact lens wear, dry environments, extended computer use, and be a symptom of autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ocular rosacea, or Sjogren’s Syndrome.

Click here to visit the Mayo Clinic website to read more about Dry Eye Syndrome.


We offer the following methods to manage Dry Eye Syndrome:

Artificial tears — non-prescription, lubricating eye drops.

Restasis — a topical medication that requires a prescription from your eye doctor.

Punctal plugs — a painless insert into your tear duct used to keep tears from draining to quickly.

Recommendations — depending upon the reason for your eye dryness, we may suggest environmental changes, such as controlling humidity levels in your home; a change in contact lens wear; or glasses prescribed specifically for computer use.