Advanced Contact Lens Care & Research

We are the Pittsburgh area’s contact lens experts!

Contact lens and accessoriesOur practice has performed more than 20 clinical research studies for the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on behalf of major contact lens manufacturers. Because of our research specialty, we are frequently one of the first to offer newer lens product introductions to our patients. Additionally, we offer corneal topography (digital mapping of the cornea) at our office so we can fit a wider spectrum of contact lens prescriptions and those with unique vision requirements.

The contact lens practice at Vincett Eye Care offers …

  • Contacts for patients ages 2 to 80.
  • Specialty contacts to enhance sports performance.
  • Bifocal contacts for patients over age 40.
  • Custom contacts for cornea transplants, scarred corneas, and keratoconus patients.
  • The area’s largest inventory of contact lenses for your emergency replacement needs.

Contact Lens Success Guarantee!

For one contact lens fitting fee you are able to trial an unlimited amount of contacts until you are completely satisfied with your vision and comfort. If we are unsuccessful in fitting you with contacts, we will return your money.

We welcome astigmatic and difficult-to-fit prescriptions!

Many of our contact lens patients have been told by other providers they can’t successfully wear contacts because of their vision prescription. They are relieved to find we have the specialized testing and expertise to fit even the most complex vision problems. At Vincett Eye Care, we can even customize a contact lens for you if we are unable to fit you with one of the thousands of lenses we stock.